NYC Office 纽约分公司

Grand Opening of Our New York Office

We are very excited to announce our expansion and the grand opening of our New York Office in service of greater New York City area with General Contractor License from the State of New York, in addition to Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.  Our services include but not limited to:


  • New construction or demolition of the whole building project
  • Professional architectural design and remodeling
  • Housing Authority procedures and permit
  • Various business store front designs
  • Roofing and various sizes of constructional project


Please contact Mr. Shi at 646-889-3008 for any questions.



  • 新建拆建整栋工程
  • 专业设计,房管局手续
  • 各种生意店面设计
  • 屋顶等大小工程


详情请看我们的中文网站 建筑王。欢迎拨打646-889-3008, 或者微信wei6468893008 向施先生咨询, 中文,英文,广东话,温州话均可。