About Us

About Us

Specializing in Remodeling, Demolition, Trash, and Waste Removal Services in Washington, DC

At Demo King in Washington, DC, we specialize in providing safe and cost-effective service for any large or small waste or trash removal and demolition projects. Serving both residential and commercial clients, our contractors are backed by more than two decades of experience. Our goal is to provide second-to-none demolition services for an affordable rate and to exceed clients expectations. As a licensed and insured contractor, we take pride in managing the requests of our clients in a timely and professional manner.

We not only tackle demolition but also construction and debris cleanup. Each trained professional puts his or her shoulder to the wheel and pushes the envelope when earning customer satisfaction.

For a trash hauling contractor and demolition contractor who provides cost-effective solutions that bear fruit, do consider us. We have no problem tackling residential and commercial projects and can overcome any seemingly impossible challenge.

At Demo King in Washington, DC, we are in the business to earn your approval and trust. For a demolition contractor who will take great strides for your requests, look to our team.

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Demo King is no stranger to federal government work. In fact, one of our more recent projects was at a U.S. army base in Fort Belvoir, VA. This specific experience with government buildings makes us an ideal candidate for construction work. We are EPA certified meaning we run safe and approved demolitions and renovations. Also meaning, we are certified by the federal government to test and remediate/ remove any lead contaminants in the paint or other parts of the home structure. In cities like DC, most homes were built before 1978, making their structure more complex and fragile. Since we understand all the necessary precautions associated with federal buildings, like sensitive information and protocol, you can count on us to approach this project with deep respect and integrity.